AIS Live Fleet Monitoring System

If you haven’t used the AIS live fleet monitoring system to track your fleet, then, you are missing out on a system that can protect your business and the drivers who are managing your fleet. This is for legal and safety reasons; this is a system that will notify you that other ships are close to yours and that your ship should watch out for the direction in which the other is headed. AIS live is the most consistent form of tracking because it is done so by the satellites that are implemented; this is used heavily with marine traffic and they have to rely on this to make sure that every operation is running smoothly.

Does the Type of Ship Matter?

It doesn’t matter what kind of ship is being tracked or what kind of a fleet is being sent off. As a company manager and as an over-see you have the advantage of knowing where your ship is at all times and knowing that operations are being completed. To use the live monitoring system all that you have to do is sign up to use it on both your system and the system within the ship.

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These sensors will work together, and you can see the exact location of your fleet, the speed at which is traveling and most importantly weather conditions. Knowing the weather conditions is going to allow you to rest reassured that the fleet drivers are traveling in safe conditions. AIS tracking is never inconsistent and will always benefit you in knowing that operations are being completed. You will also know where all the other ships are located so that you can communicate with the driver and tell them which areas they should avoid.

Traveling overseas can be dangerous, and if you have a business in which ships are traveling oversees it’s essential that you know their location and where they are headed. Timing is everything and for legal reasons, everyone in the company should know where their fleet is and that it is out of harm’s way. With the use of satellite dishes your ship is being tracked and with heat sensors you will be able to see which areas are more dangerous because of weather conditions or oncoming ships. There are many marine fleets that are on the ocean, and it’s important that your fleet drivers stay out of their way for safety reasons.