Nauticast AIS live system

Nauticast has one main purpose – to make one of the most appealing, practical and technologically superior AIS Live system. There is period of in depth inquiry and development into the adorable opportunities which result from combining navigation with communication followed. In 2003, the “X-Pack DS” AIS Transponder Class A which received BSH Wheelmark Approval and the “AIS Company” gone from being a technological innovator, to becoming a powerful player on the market.


Through the using of Very High Frequency marine band, NauticastUniversal Automatic Identification System is an exciting development in the safety of the naval navigation. AIS tides the exchange of navigational information among passing ships and shore-based stations for monitoring. Knowing the other on-coming ship names, their course, speed and current navigational status Nauticast’s UAIS may contribute to improving safety, which makes it ideal for vessel tracking at sea and collision avoidance in low visibility conditions.

This system which has been designed for SOLAS ships engaged in international voyages, the Nauticast UAIS meets strict requirements for new port security. The Nauticast transponder fully surpasses all specifications for SOLAS AIS as outlined by IMO and the USCG.

Nauticast system gives lightness to navigation with its 3 in 1 graphical display which allows the users to adjust scope to visually look at vessels positions in a very quick and easy to understand format. Users may use their AIS information to connect oncoming ships in their same path or use the fully integrated Alphanumeric Qwerty keyboard to quickly type and submit messages to avoid collisions before they happen.

The Nauticast is the smaller kind of AIS live vessel tracking systems than most approved SOLAS units and might be flush installed into the dash or mounted on a gimbal bracket on or over users bridge stations.

Nauticast has been designed with ease of installation in mind and resourceful technology at its best! Their 2 sockets satisfy to connect power, sensors and antennas and primary transponder operation is up and running within minutes.

Nautcast, AIS live, vessel tracking systemFeatures:

  • Graphical Display 3-in-1 – this software includes three quite different views at a fingertip: Radar View, Alphanumeric and Fairway view. This graphical display for ais live vessel tracking also includes different zoom-levels, representation of the surrounding traffic scenario might be selected directly using cursor keys.
  • Emergency Button for Man Overboard – the button for a man overboard automatically saves the precise location of the accident and submit an immediate distress message to all ships equipped with AIS systems.
  • Software Sensor Interfacing – the Nauticast™ system allows its users to automatically check, read out/trace and estminate the information which is received from users sensor interfaces. All sensor inputs are configurable and have built in test systems for assessment and troubleshooting users connections.
  • Fully Approved – the Nauticast™ is re-certified to meet all SOLAS and IMO regulation that include the new requirements.
  • Enhanced GPS Sensitivity and Reporting – with their new upgraded 16 Channel GPS Module, the company is quite more sensitive and precise than ever before. The RAIM (Receiver Autonomous Integrity Monitor) receiver checks the Nauticast unit’s GPS data for raised accuracy reporting.