SiiTech AIS live tracking

AIS resource – Siitech is another interesting live AIS ship tracking service software.

It was launched in 2004 and also belongs to commercial AIS trackers. Its main features are:

  • Ability to create own zones, both round and polygonal, simply clicking the mouse on the map and setting the desired point.
  • siitechAbility to create the route by clicking on sequential points on the map. Then there is an opportunity to calculate the ETA date and time of arrival at way points, located along the route of the vessel, very good for vessel tracking.
  • Ability to create filters to display the vessels of the type, name or other characteristics. For filters, you can specify a color to paint selected with the help of the court.
  • Ability to create various reports on these areas by using filters.
  • AIS notification settings using a variety of technologies: e-mail, SMS, AIS, HTTP, pop-up message.

Of the shortcomings I noticed the following – not intuitive work with the map – if you want the mouse to move the map, but it moves in the opposite direction via Siitech – Vessel Tracking.